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December 2011 : Canal + The Bear ranks in the top 10 of the best commercials of the year by Adweek

Aired on Sunday 16th october in France, the new promo ”The bear rug” for channel Canal+, required our Mikros’ teams to bring their A-game to fulfill director Mathijs Van Henningen’s imagination. The pitch ? Follow a director’s routine on stage, in creative meeting or re-writing his notes in his trailer or an actress’s testimonial on the director. The magic twist behind the story ? The director is unique, he’s a bear rug.
A comedy on creativity, dreams, imagination that will definetely charm the audience with this beautiful modern tale of ”once upon a time there was a bear rug-director”…

Mikros image’s brief was to create a photo-realistic brown bear, the only thing is that it would be slim as a rug, to fit into the story imagined by Matthijs. He had to move and be fully integrated into the shot footages. The challenge faced by our CG team was to animate a bear rug made from scratch and make him move lightly in a slimmy manner while aiming at a full photo-realistic look.

Flame artist and on-set supervisor (and actor!) Laurent Creusot says :” we knew from the start we had a good project in our hands, excellent references to create high-end digital bear rug character. I’ve no intention to brag about it but I’m particularly proud of is the bear’s acting : you can trully relate to him while he’s speaking, his emotions do transpire”.

Last campaign ”Canal + The closet” with same director, agency, production and post-production house had gained a huge success and several awards among them can be listed the Grand Prix Stratégies 2010 and Cannes Lions.

Production : 75 (Yuki Suga)
Director : Matthijs van Heijnningen
Agency: BETC (créa: Eric Astorgue / Jean Christophe Boyer)
Editing : Jono Griffiths

Visual Effects : Mikros image
Head of VFX studio : Julien Meesters
VFX Producer : Fabrice Damolini
Executive VFX Producer : Malica Benjémia
VFX Supervisors : Laurent CREUSOT, Guillaume HO, Olivier MITONNEAU
2D Lead : Laurent CREUSOT
CG Lead : Guillaume HO/ Olivier MITONNEAU
Shooting Supervision : Sup general Laurent CREUSOT, Sup 3D Guillaume HO, Tracking Dimitri DASSONEVILLE
Sup 3D : Guillaume HO
Tracking Dimitri DASSONEVILLE
CG Dev Fur : Benoit HOLL/ Fabrice MACAGNO
Modeling / Blend Shape : Thomas HAAS
Track : Dimitri DASSONEVILLE
Superviseur Rigging : Christophe PETIT
Animation : Michael NAUZIN /Alexandre SAUTHIER/ Christophe PETIT / Geoffroy Barbet MASSIN
Fur : Benjamin LENFANT/ Olivier Mitonneau / Benoit Holl
FX: Benjamin LENFANT
Lead lighting/shading : Olivier Mitonneau
Lighting : Guillaume Ho / Olivier Mitonneau / Mathias BARDAY
Rotoscopie & restore : Cyril HIARD / Estelle CHIRON
Nuke : Olivier Mitonneau / Mathias BARDAY / Guillaume Ho / Sébastien PODSIADLO
Flame Artistes : Laurent CREUSOT/ Damien CANAMERAS
Colorist : Sébastien Mingam

October 13th, 2011

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